Extending our CSS-in-JS to support style-component syntax

Extending our CSS-in-JS to support style-component syntax

In the previous post, we made our css emotion like function and in this blog post, we are going to extend our css function to support the following style-components syntax.

const Button = styled('button')(
    backgroundColor:  "blue",
    color: "white"

A few things to note when exploring the API are: ```jsx // On breaking into parts: const Button = // <-- Part: 3 styled('button') // <-- Part: 1 ({ backgroundColor: 'blue' }) // <-- Part: 2

- Part 1: The `styled` function takes the `tagName` that has to be created i.e

 styled('button') <-- 1

// is equivalent to

  • Part 2: The styled(tagName) returns a function that accepts style-object which will be used to style this tagName element.
({ backgroundColor: "blue" }) <-- Part 2

// is converted to 

css({ backgroundColor: "blue" }) 

// and passed to the component as

<button className={css(...)} />
  • The complete call returns a React component Button that renders a button with a given style.

Rendering a button using style-component like syntax

From the above points, we can write a rough husk of our styled function

// Part 1: styled('button'): element of type tagName to render
function styled(tagName) { 
  // Part 2: style('button')({ color: 'white' }) takes in the style object and applies these styles to `tagName=button` component

  return function applyStyles(styleObject) { 
      // Part 3: `Button` react component 
      return function Component(props) { 
          // ...styling and element creation... 
          // Mark: 1

Now in place Mark: 1 we need to do the following:

  • Create an element using React.createElement of type tagName

  • Pass style-object into css function to generate name, as props may already contain some className so compose these className together.

// continue from Mark: 1

const clonedProps = clone(props);
// a copy of props is required as by default react makes props immutable
// and if we want to modify any props we need to make a copy for our use

// compute a className for styleObject
const generatedClassName = css(styleObject);

// compose className 
const className = generatedClassName + props.className ? + ` ${props.className}` : '';

// reassign composed className
clonedProps.className = className;

// create element of type `tagName` with props = `clonedProps` and `style=generateClassName`
const element = React.createElement(tagName, clonedProps);

// The `element` is of type `tagName` and of `styles=styleObject` this is one we want to render

return element;

That is what the style-components version of our CSS-in-JS library looks like. clone function can be as simple as:

const clone = (obj) => Object.assign({}, obj);

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