Creating component variants with ease

There are times when you are writing your UI component and want to add style variants to it. A button component can be a "primary" button with a "blue" background or a "secondary" button with an "orange" background. If I asked you to create a button that can take an intent prop and render itself as a "primary" blue button or a "secondary" orange button.

You would be writing ugly if-else statements to match the styles for the intent variant. Something like the following may be your code:

That may not look very ugly but imagine as the number of variants grows and there are values, you will have to put a lot of ugly if-else statements for styling only.


Let me introduce you to an npm library that will do all that for you.

import { GetVariantProps, vs } from "@vtechguys/vs";
import clsx from "clsx";
import React from "react";
import "./styles.css";

export const button = vs({
  base: "btn",
  variants: {
    intent: {
      primary: "btn-intent--primary",
      secondary: "btn-intent--secondary"
    size: {
      small: "btn-size--small",
      medium: "btn-size--medium"
  defaultVariants: {
    intent: "primary",
    size: "medium"

export type ButtonVariantProps = GetVariantProps<typeof button>;

type ButtonOwnProps = {
  // ... some button props ...

type ButtonProps = React.PropsWithChildren<ButtonVariantProps & ButtonOwnProps>;

export function Button(props: ButtonProps) {
  const { intent, size, children, } = props;

  // applied classes list
  const variants = button({ intent, size });
  const classes = clsx(variants);

  return (
    <button className={classes} {}>

As you saw the library took care of all style mapping and generated applicable classes for you.

Facts from @vtechguys/vs documentation:

  • 🫶 Framework agnostic

  • 🔥 Typesafe

  • 🤏 Super tiny bundle size

Let's simplify things by using this tiny package and create awesome variant components for your design system.

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